Wellness & Sustainability begins with a thought...

The idea of being healthy, vibrant, and at peace with ourselves and the world begins with an intention - a thought, a memory, a story, an image, perhaps a conversation that has brought you here today.  Together, we can help you turn those intentions into concrete steps on your path towards a more sustainable way of living for yourself, your family, work place or community that, in turn, will also contribute to the overall health and wellness of our global home. 




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Jane Goodall Institute, Shanghai, China Roots & Shoots Organization

**Curriculum & Learning Guide Research and Author, Million Trees Project, Inner Mongolia


Yew Chung International School, Shanghai, PR China

**School Garden Design & Consulting


Good To China, Shanghai, P.R. China

**Community & School Garden Compost Program Design & Consulting


Portland Audubon Society, Portland, Oregon

**Outdoor Education Summer Camp Program Management & Teaching

Bonnie Slope Elementary, Portland, Oregon

**School Garden Education Program Design & Consulting


Hidden Villa, Palo Alto, California

**SEED Sustainable Cooking Education Program Development & Teaching


Slater Elementary School, Mountain View, California

**School Garden Education Program Development & Teaching


The Ecology Center, San Juan Capistrano, California

**Organic Gardening and Natural Skincare Workshops Design & Teaching