"I felt so fortunate to meet EJ! She is truly passionate about sustainable living and has really inspired me.  Her lotion product is absolutely amazing - an all-natural lotion option, rich in essential oils that feed your skin.  I loved it so much that I gifted them to all my friends and family last Christmas!  I've received nothing but great feedback from everyone...and have even received requests for more.  I look forward to using EJ's future products and continuing to follow and be inspired by how she lives her life."

- M. Marie M., Huntington Beach



"E's Secret Serum is one of the best organic product I've used.  My face feels soft and supple after every use. The fragrance instantly puts me in a spa-like relaxing state of mind - best part of my daily morning and evening routine.  I use it as a moisturizer underneath my spf, a makeup remover, an everything lotion -  my best kept beauty secret.

- Belinda R., Newport Beach