Thrive The Book

Thrive The Book


An environmentally conscious lifestyle guide to better health and true wealth.


“In the realm of self-improvement books, focusing on a single area, such as diet or happiness, is a very common construct. Much rarer (and typically less successful) is a volume that attempts to take a holistic approach to virtually every aspect of life. Chayne, a recent college graduate, not only manages to cover a great deal of territory, but she does it with authority…

The volume is remarkable in its ability to condense material of substance into bite-size segments. The benefit of this approach is significant: Chayne paints with a very broad brush, offering a taste of many issues both large and small in just enough detail to get one’s mind working. In this respect, the book delivers an impressive format: an encyclopedic work in scope that has been adapted to contemporary environment for people who have neither the inclination nor the time to read a lot of specifics.

An elegantly written, passionately presented, cleverly organized guide to pursuing a healthy and responsible life.”

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