Ellume Naturals | Botanical Cure

Ellume Naturals | Botanical Cure

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Ellume Naturals | Botanical Cure (Serum)

Available in 1 or 2 ounces

A custom blend of 100% natural and organic botanical extracts and oils for cleansing and moisturizing.  Sustainable, 100% Vegan, and not tested on animals.  Hand-mixed in small batches upon ordering.  2oz. or 4oz. Amber glass bottle with pump.


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About E's Secret Serum

After more than 10 years of discovering, experimenting and mixing natural skincare ingredients, I created a recipe for a skincare serum that I could use and test on myself. My goal was to create something that was completely organic, free of GMO & gluten, something that would glide on smoothly, and be a powerfully effective moisturizer with a refreshing and clean-smelling fragrance.  

To my surprise, years of trials and self-testing resulted in a formula that was a lifesaver for a busy mom and professional like myself.  Years after testing it on my own skin, my husband began taking it from my nightstand and began to use it as well.  Soon after, friends and family asked for a sample of what everyone began calling "E's Secret Lotion".   

Hand mixed sustainably in small batches for timely delivery, Ellume's Secret Serum casts a naturally fresh, clean and light scent with a slightly citrus gentle bouquet.  A simple and pure formula consisting of 100% natural and organic plant extracts and botanical oils, E's Secret Serum is blended to a highly absorbent and smooth consistency without the use of any chemically harsh emulsifiers or thickeners. 

What's the 'secret'? in E's Secret Serum? The secret is simple:  It's more than just a highly effective moisturizer.  With Golden Jojoba Oil properties anchoring the formula, E's serum makes it an ideal makeup remover as it removes stubborn dirt, colors and oils with ease.  It is also an effective facial cleanser, acne remedy, as well as a hair smoothing serum. 

With all the pure essential oils infused in this serum, it is also a highly effective mosquito or bug repellant (tested on our family, friends, and ourselves!).  

Ellume's Secret Serum is an all-in-one natural beauty product that is the perfect travel companion.  All you need is one bottle in your work, travel, or exercise bags rather than carry multiple products for multiple uses.  So go lightly, wherever your journey. Go naturally, and go with Ellume's Secret Serum!