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About EJ

EJ Luu, Ed.M., Sustainability & Environmental Educator

EJ Luu, Ed.M., Sustainability & Environmental Educator

Hello & Welcome!

This is how I greet everyone who comes to my house, and in many ways, EllumeLife.com is my home.  I hope you'll find my little eco nest for the modern life and home to be a place of comfort, warmth, and exploration where you can follow along on all of my journeys and stories as an environmentalist and advocate for a more natural, peaceful, and ultimately sustainable kind of living.  

I've had many journeys along the way, starting out as a PR executive for many Silicon Valley companies and organizations after earning a degree in Journalism & PR.  A highlight of this era of my life was working for the U.S. Navy, Department of Defense as a Public Affairs Officer, where I worked with some of our country's finest forces to coordinate air shows for 100,000 or more spectators!

It was fine for a while, until one day, in the middle of corporate networking mixer, I had what I call, an awakening moment, which led me to what would be a life-long passion for teaching and helping others to find & achieve their fullest potentials through lifelong learning in the field of Education. After obtaining an Educational Master's Degree in Peace Education and pursuing doctoral work at Columbia University in New York City,  I discovered an inner calling to helping people, businesses and organizations find ways to connect their lives and work to our environment to achieve total health and wellness. 

Geographically, my journeys have taken me to from the U.S. to Japan, to Mexico, China, Vietnam, and back and forth a few times, which has helped me to learn that home is not so much a location, but a place in the heart and mind...

a simple place where there is comfort, food that warms the belly and heart, a little stretch of nature, and love, laughter, and learning.

Thanks for stopping by, and I welcome you to connect with me, work with me, learn with me, or share your feedback with me here at EllumeLife.com.  

In light,