The Sustainability of Skincare




What makes a skincare product Sustainable?

Anyone who has gone through the trials and tribulations of finding a skincare routine that works for them knows that not all skincare products are created equal. If you have dry or combination skin, you should avoid alcohols and acids, and moisturize routinely. And if you have oily skin, you need a different kind of product, and so on and so on. This, initially, is the reason why we see so many different skincare ingredients on the market today. There are so many products for so many different purposes, so one would naturally think that to have perfect skin, we have to buy/use many different products - right? Not necessarily.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many ingredients that serve many purposes. We call them Super Ingredients because they are so powerful and multifaceted, which is what makes them more sustainable. One of these is Jojoba Oil. We first began incorporating the amazing properties of Jojoba oil into our Ellume Naturals Botanical Cure (serum) for its moisturizing effects about a decade ago, before it was very widely known. Back then, many people did not even know how to pronounce its name, much less know what it could be used for. When we began catching on to the potential benefits and uses of Jojoba, prices for were a lot lower than other popular carrier oils used in most formulas at the time, such as Olive oil and Avocado oil. Today, with the rise of knowledge and popularity of this extraordinary ingredient, prices for Jojoba have more than tripled! It’s now used widely in many skincare products and have become a household name and sits on the beauty counter of many homes.

What is jojoba oil?

This oil- which is really a wax- closely resembles the oily-wax substance we secrete from our skin called sebum. This close resemblance has made jojoba oil a staple in skincare, replacing animal fats in most lotions and cremes. In recent years, this miraculous ingredient has been discovered & popularized for its moisturizing properties and its ability to carry essential oils.

Jojoba oil is good for practically all skintypes because of its ability to balance out the PH level in your skin. It works on the face and body to penetrate deep and moisturize from the deepest layers of your skin. It also works on chapped lips; dry, cracked hands and feet; eczema and psoriasis (including scalp psoriasis), and just about anywhere on your body that gets dried out. And, as we’ve discovered, it also works well on hair to control hair loss, restore frizzy hair, and relieve dandruff.

As if its unparalleled moisturizing capabilities weren’t already enough to dazzle your mind, jojoba oil is also anti-microbial - it will actually help prevent acne and other infections. It also helps heal the skin from sunburn.

Like all of the ingredients in our products, jojoba oil has a long list of benefits that we’ve tested and proven on ourselves. In this way, Jojoba is an extremely sustainable ingredient because it serves many purposes. This is why it remains one of our base ingredients to this day, even as prices have skyrocketed. To find out more about other such multi-purpose skincare ingredients, check out our Ellume Naturals shop to read about more super ingredients you can incorporate into your lifestyle that will give you that natural beauty glow. Enjoy!