Snow Pea Poke Salad with Turmeric Tamari Dressing


I've been trying to work in more raw foods into my diet, because, as you know, raw vegetables & fruit are packed with the FULL VALUE of their nutritional content. That's right, the more you cook vegetables & fruit, the less nutritional value of vitamins & benefits they retain.  

The thing with raw vegetables, though, is that they can taste a bit, well, tasteless if you're not used to eating raw veggies.  Now, I'm Vietnamese, so I grew up eating a lot of raw vegetables & herbs because it is a mainstay of Vietnamese cuisine; but if you're new to the raw diet, you might be missing the bolder flavors of cooked vegetables.  

That's why this Turmeric dressing I created is perfect to marinate the Poke with, and to toss in with the raw snow peas, turmeric, and other raw veggies.  Its rich, tangy, yet sweet & salty flavors are perfectly balanced, and just bold enough to stand up to the natural raw flavors of the vegetables & tuna. It's also packed with nutritionally beneficial ingredients, including - Turmeric, which is an antioxidant & protects the heart as well as joints against inflammation;  and Sesame Oil is rich in Zinc to improve hair & skin health, as well as rich in fatty acids so it helps protect the heart.  With the added benefits of Honey, Lime, and Sea Kelp protein, this salad dressing is so healthy,  you'll want to use it in everything! It even makes a great dumpling dip!