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about conscious shopping

So, I used to shop... alot! That was back in the 80's, when I grew up in Silicon Valley and worked in PR and marketing, where it was considered your duty to support the booming economy powered by the growth of high tech companies that were popping up everywhere. 

Then, I moved out of the country - to Japan, where I learned the values of living simply, appreciating nature, and protecting our environment for future generations. I began to change my habits to reflect my changing values, but change doesn't happen overnight. 

Long-lasting and effective change takes a balance between that which contributes to the health and wellness of our bodies and our environment and that which also suits the needs of our increasingly busy modern lifestyles.  

I'm not perfect, and I'm not a purist (although some of my family and friends would beg to differ); but before every buying or selling decision, I make a conscious effort to go through a checklist of the following questions and considerations:

Purpose - Why do I/people need this product or service?

* Quality - What are the ingredients/materials make up the product? How long will it last? Am I/are people going to keep it forever?

* Operation - How is it made? What are the manufacturing or production processes involved?  What resources are used, & how much of it? 

* Waste - How many will there be? How will the product be wrapped/shipped? What waste or byproducts will be expended, directly or indirectly?

These are the questions that drive me in every purchasing/selling decision I make. Collectively, they make for a path towards a more conscious and sustainable way of living.